Improving efficiency for our members through a more connected and transparent market place

VMI-Upstream is a cloud based procurement and supply chain solution specifically designed for the upstream market vertical

  • Simple, intuitive interface in a SaaS environment
  • Industry customization allows for fast and easy deployment
  • Scalable solutions allow operators, small and large, to quickly realize value
  • Seamless adoption of your existing policies and procedures
  • Easy integration with existing IT architecture
  • Robust data security and access controls


  • Consolidate spend onto a single platform to improve control
  • Make better sourcing decisions through improved market insight
  • Single platform to manage vendor communication from source to pay
  • Improve evaluation of supplier performance and risk
  • Reduce time to execute buys and evaluate bids by 30-50%
  • Streamline transaction processing to eliminate paperwork
  • Ensure compliance and improve supply chain risk management
  • Increase transparency into purchasing behaviors and spending trends
  • Access a larger network of vendors


  • Access a larger network of customers
  • Accelerate the sales cycle while reducing sales acquisition cost
  • Better manage the sales cycle and customer communication
  • Streamline transaction processing and accelerate cash collection
  • Improve market insight with win-loss analysis and selection criteria feedback
  • Ensure compliance, enhance controls and better manage customer risk
  • Expand understanding of customer buying behaviors and market needs
  • Make better investment decisions through improved market insight


VMI-Upstream is a procurement and supply chain solution specifically designed for the Oil & Gas industry by seasoned industry veterans. 

Highly fragmented market participation across the value chain, complex business models and certain long-established business practices have led to structural inefficiencies within both the market and participant organizations. These structural characteristics prevent the industry from reaching its efficiency potential.

VMI-Upstream is designed to influence these structural roadblocks. Our mission is to enable efficiency improvement by facilitating a better connected and more transparent market place.

The VMI-Upstream platform utilizes cutting edge technology to streamline and simplify existing processes thereby providing substantial back-office benefit to both E&P Companies and their suppliers. In addition, streamlined bid and procurement processes return substantial time to both buyers and vendors, allowing them to redirect resources toward more value accretive activities.